Trailer Hitch Step Features

Nowadays SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks are quite popular on the U.S. market. These vehicles give their owners lots of advantages such as high performance, good drivability, plenty of cargo space and many others. There is no wonder that approximately 1 of every 2 new vehicles sold in the U.S. belongs to the light-truck segment.

trailer hitch step

Your van, SUV or light truck is able to carry lots of gear. However, not all of us are as tall as NBA players, that's why sometimes getting inside the cargo area or to a roof rack can be quite difficult and take a lot of valuable time. It's annoying, but not a drama – there is a simple and stylish solution of this little problem – hitch steps. They are available in a vast range of materials, shapes, finishes, and colors, though the main purpose of all hitch steps is the same – to boost you off the ground (from 4 to 8" depending on the height of the hitch and on the ground clearance of your vehicle).

Hitch Step Installation

Installation of hitch steps is easy like a breeze – all you need to do is to slide them into your existing hitch receiver. Their removing is quite simple as well, and like the installation will take just a few seconds, so, you can store hitch steps in the back of your vehicle. Most of them fit 1", 1/4” and 2” receiver hitches. Usefulness coupled with simple installation and affordable price make hitch steps one of the must-have parts for SUV and light truck owners.

Truck hitch steps

How to Choose a Trailer Hitch Step

The most common styles of hitch steps are ball mount hitch steps, retractable hitch steps, and the ones that double as a backup sensor. Size differs as well – from large standing platforms to low profile flip-down steps. The number of colors and finishes is really huge, that's why you can choose some special hitch step for your workhorse. Besides, there are chrome hitch steps that will match other chrome accessories of your vehicle. You can also find the ones with LED brake lighting – they will increase visibility of your vehicle and consequently, your safety.

Hitch step

There is a number of brands producing trailer hitch steps, such as Bully and Romik. They are know for the high products, which you can purchase from local dealers as well as large online stores, such CARiD's trailer hitch step page provides you with numerous options to choose from.